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A Poem

The rarest of moments happened to me today
It’s almost too good to be put into words
Sort of like a child’s first Christmas
Or dropping your son or daughter at a friend’s house for the first time

A moment when you know life is moving forward 
is a moment worth cherishing

On my way home,
I passed by a pile of broken glass on the side of the road
There was a moment of clarity as I saw some pieces sparkle
And others didn’t

I know this probably isn’t the best metaphor

But lights hitting some pieces of glass just right so it can catch it
and the same lights, while catching some pieces of glass
don’t catch others

I found it to be a pretty damn good metaphor

There are seven, probably closer to eight billion people on this earth.
We know we won’t meet them all, that’s fine.
But the ones we do meet we hold high in our minds with respect
And treat them as such

As for the ones we don’t meet, we know nothing of
and probably don’t care to once we reach a certain age
Our version of a social butterfly turns into a social skunk once people hit their 60s or 70s

We don’t want to meet new people, we just want to cherish the memories and forthcoming memories with the ones we have grown to get to know and love.

This metaphor is a shit metaphor

But you were one of those pieces that shone so bright
And now you are one that doesn’t shine as bright

And soon you will be one that doesn’t shine at all

And I'm wondering, given the fact that I held you in such high regard for as long as I did
And for you to just walk away from everything I was offering, which was pretty damn close to the world,

How does that make you feel, to be compared with shards of glass?

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