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You Have No Power Here

what you can't see,
no, it's what you refuse to see
is that i'm right here
on my knees

and i'm begging please,
why do you do this to me?
with delicate fingers
will you raise me from my grief?

now i know i can't demand you
i can't tell you to do anything
but i'm right here
i'm right here, begging please

i stay up all night (insomniac)
i lay low all day (no self-esteem)
but if you could please
my knees are bleeding, please see me now

what you don't see
is that my walls have turned to towers
why you can't see
has nothing to do with you and me

i'm going blind
i've been chasing this light for too damn long
nobody sings along to these songs

not because they don't want to
but because they're afraid of the response
from everyone around them

so raise your hands and sing

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