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My Dearest Queen

my thoughts race as i read the letter
saying i won't be where i am for a year
i remember my wife telling me
she'd be my queen if i was her king

i walk down the hall
trying to form words in my head
how am i going to say
that i'll be leaving again

"i love you"s and promises of not dying taken in between tears
"i want you as you are in this moment this time next year"

just know i'll miss you, and i know you need me
but there's a war, and i could change history

my thoughts race as i enter the field
i remember my wife's tears
and the night before i left
she was screaming i was her king

"i walk into this hell hearing explosions overhead
i've gone this long without breaking promises
why the hell do you think i'd start now?
i've gone this long in this life, why stop now?

i'd tear apart this world if it means i get to see you (one more time)
i'd give a whole new meaning to the definition of war (i feel alive)
no turning back, leave it at that, but i know this year feels like a lifetime
just know i'll return to my castle soon

my dearest queen"

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