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Something of Meaning

if i cried at the thought of you
i wouldn't get anywhere
you were sinking faster than i could swim
i didn't get to you in time

and for that, i apologize

someone swam faster and pulled you to the shore
it was a couple minutes before we realized you wouldn't breathe anymore

and the waves will always keep me stranded at sea

what's dead cannot be buried
my thoughts have been dead for years

i'm sorry if i'm being blunt
but i just want to make something of meaning
to remember you by
for those still alive, you are not alone

and this is what i get, what i deserve
you in the sky and me left here living
sometimes i get this way
where the thought of you, it stays
comes out from the shadows
and brings me close to tears

and for that, i apologize
but that wouldn't get me anywhere

this depression is quicksand
you all know what i mean
when the flame hits the match
it's all downhill in the in between

i just want to make something of meaning
in the hope i'll get out alive

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