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my heart doesn't live in my ribcage
it surrounds me all the time
and if you want a piece of it
you'll have to get in line

i don't have time to waste on you
you've already wasted mine
but don't expect me to lie to you
and tell you that i'm fine

you see, i wear my heart on my sleeve
when nothing else seems okay

i know what you were:
poison to my veins.
and if i encounter you again
i know i might want a taste
because there's still a part in me
that wants to taste your veins
but i know what you are:
nothing but a waste

i'm not trying to be mean, i'm being honest with myself
my heart surrounds the things around me
because i don't know what else to do with what you left
so, and i'm saying this kindly, keep the hell away from me

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