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as these fingers rest on these keys
i feel the blood rush to and from my fingertips
the stress is almost too much to handle
and there is no handle for me to grab onto

if there is, it's lost in this metaphorical darkness

i want to know what it'd feel like
for my veins to stop flowing for just a few minutes
for time to just leave me be
so i can just struggle on my own for a bit

to let the weight break me down
from my collar bone to my feet
everything imploding all at once
and leave me hoping for a light

and if there is, it's hiding in this metaphorical darkness

my lungs could stop if i let them
my body frozen, soon becoming
a lump of skin and bone for the birds to prey on
if this is how i go, that's fine

for i am limitless in this metaphorical darkness

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