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we fell in love at the hands of fate
i still remember that first day
that you looked at me, smiled, and lead me out the door
you told me there's a lot more of this earth to explore

you broke down my walls
we built a tower not aiming for a destination

i thought nobody could ever tear it down
but the hands of fate came raining down
and turned us into dust

the wind carried me across the country
i've seen places i never thought existed
but i remember every moment
i wanted to cry, but i couldn't

it lead me to the sea
i'm on my way to destination wherever

i've gotten to the point where i'm scared to see you
because my thoughts are conflicting
i'm mad, but want to share my stories with you

i thought it wouldn't come to this
but the hands of fate took me in
and i became one with the world once again

i became the waves
casting calmly on the shore
the world was my canvas
and you were my muse back then

and now that i've become old
i hope our waves collide once again
much sooner than later

i am the earth

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